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In-house engineering is the backbone of our operations. It is a uniqueness that separates us from the competition. Our Engineering Services include consulting, design and Autocad drafting. This makes us an ideal choice for design/build projects.

Power Studies

Power studies play an important role in helping you understand your electrical system. Our services include: short-circuit studies, protective device coordination study, arc flash and shock hazard analysis, energy analysis and more.


Our electrical design services include emergency generator services, telecom and data distribution, power and lighting, fire alarm and more.

Infrared Thermography

Thermal studies are one of the best predictive, non-destructive electrical tests available. Infrared Technology is used to diagnose developing problems before equipment fails and creates a crisis. Response certified thermographers utilize the latest infrared cameras and technology available.


Our mechanical design services include plumbing and piping systems, HVAC systems, sanitary, natural gas, compressed air and more.

Energy Analysis

Electrical recording and energy analysis are a great tool to determine system capacity and potential energy savings.

Drafting Services

Our talented draftsmen use the latest version of Autocad to complete quality construction documents at an affordable price. We also have our own in-house professional engineer to review, sign and seal final drawings.


Renovation At A Local Private College

Response Services was retained by a local private college to provide the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering and design for the restoration and renovation of a building on campus that has been vacant for many years. The college plans to repurpose the building to be new student dorm rooms.

The design includes all new building systems, such as upgraded electrical service, general power, building interior lighting, fire alarm and detection, fire suppression, HVAC, and plumbing. In addition, the indoor substation located in another nearby campus building that supplies electric to the building will be upgraded to accommodate future power needs.

Retirement Community Building Addition

Response Services was contracted to perform the electrical systems engineering and design for a two-story addition to an existing two-story building with a basement floor.

The challenge of this project was to expand and integrate the existing building systems into the new floors, including upgrades to existing electrical systems to accommodate the expansion. This included re-designing the incoming medium voltage line and distribution switchgear for the entire campus.

The building addition required the existing service transformer and indoor switchgear to be upgraded. The campus had multiple buildings each fed with their own utility service. Also as part of this project, these were all combined from one central utility line and re-distributed from new primary switchgear.

The addition was designed to match the existing floors, while utilizing modern construction components. Light fixtures were carefully chosen and specified to create a home-style atmosphere for residents. The new third floor will be for memory support living accommodations, and the fourth floor consists of independent living units, each fitted out with 1-2 bedrooms, kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, and living space. The building is supported by an upgraded emergency backup generator system for critical components.

Facility Expansion At Tech Center

Response Services won the contract to supply Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering and design for the expansion of an existing facility. The new addition will consist of laboratory, conference, and office spaces.

The campus’ existing medium voltage electrical service will be upgraded, from the point of utility connection, with a new campus main primary switch and distribution switchgear. The new switch and switchgear will connect to existing transformers. A new transformer and indoor switchgear will be designed for the addition.

A new backup generator will support most of the building components with some non-critical components being shed from the system, while the building is being supplied by generator. All new energy efficient LED lighting, HVAC, and additional building systems will be specified.