Our top-flight management and skilled craftsmen can tackle any type of heavy industrial work. We provide millwright services, facilities maintenance, equipment relocation, rigging, welding, pipefitting, retrofit services, plant relocation, plant shutdown support as well as turnkey projects.

OEM builders of process equipment rely on Response to install new equipment in their customers’ plants. We coordinate the many tasks required to install a new process system and get it online, on time and on budget with safety always prioritized. Our services include:

Manufacturing Process Design and Build

New construction, expansion or retrofit, the Response engineering staff offers custom design and build to meet your manufacturing needs and budget.

Heavy Industrial

Millwright work, machinery set-ups and repairs, facility maintenance, equipment installations and relocations. Furnaces, plant modifications, plant relocation, and material handling systems.

Piping and Welding

Process piping systems, hydraulic systems, product conveyance, food processing, certified welding, field fabrication structural steel and more.

Equipment Setting

Heavy equipment, precision machinery, conveying equipment, furnaces, bag houses, scrubber installations and more.

Precision Alignments

Provides expert optical alignment and precision leveling services, installing new equipment, moving existing equipment, resetting and precision alignment of all equipment.


Industrial structural steel welding, pipe fabrication, support services, mezzanines, handrail, duct work, bins and more.


Rail Installation

Installed rail within a concrete floor for transport of materials inside of our customer’s building. Completed all the layout work to obtain a proper center line and elevation for each rail to ensure proper mating and to maintain proper gauge and level so that the cars ride smoothly on top. Made permanent by pouring a high strength, no shrink grout under the sole plates to fully distribute the load (poured from one side only to ensure no air pockets). Rounded it out by pouring 5000psi concrete to close the rest of the trench.

Piping & Fabrication                          

Completed fabricating an air seal for a large mixer bin and provided a nitrogen feed to the bin. Included modifications to the stainless-steel lid including additional bracing, fabricating/installing multiple sensors, manual and automatic hoppers, and a custom rubber seal. Installed a new line from the nitrogen tank and ran it from outside through multiple walls and finally to a manifold used to distribute the nitrogen to various inlets on the bin. Installing the multiple nitrogen and air lines with bypasses to allow any combination of air and nitrogen.

Installation of Blackening Tank 

Assembled a hopper/screw conveyor unit from drawings and completed a custom install of the unit. The install included removing part of a small landing and integrating the new unit in to gain access to the tank it was feeding. This went smoothly and the unit mated right up with our cut back platform. We worked with the customer’s engineer to find solutions and resolve problems, which included increasing the clearance to the platform, modifying the top and side of the tank, and setting the unit slightly out of level to obtain alignment with the feed shoot to the tank inlet. We are adept at on the spot problem solving and believe that brings added value to our customers.


Installed approximately 1400ft run of 4” sch40 pipe. It was a project that started with fabricating a custom header for two pumps including butterfly and check valves and merging them into one pipe. We then fabricated all of our own custom brackets for the run, working around many interferences and maintaining about a 20ft elevation. We exited the wall of a building and went underground to cross a concrete road within the plant and enter another building on the other side. We did the cutting, excavation, layout, pipe install, stone bed, and poured the concrete to close the trench. The pipe was welded most of the length, using flanges only where it was impossible to access for a weld. Proper rated ductile pipe was used underground.